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Dec 10, 2012
@ 11:12 am
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Have you ever really watched the opening title sequence for Fox & Friends? It’s loaded with things paid for by discretionary federal government spending. In order:

1) The U.S. Capitol building. This should be self-evident, but here’s a good history of the building which underscores that. 

2) Mount Rushmore. While the process began with small contributions, eventually President Coolidge himself intervened and in 1929 the Mount Rushmore bill was passed allocating federal funding. 

3. Gateway Arch. For both the land the monument sits on and the Arch itself, costs were shared between the federal government and local governments. The land for the memorial was obtained by funds authorized by Franklin Roosevelt, while Eisenhower signed the law authorizing funds for the monument itself, which Congress disbursed in 1961. 

4. The Statue of Liberty. This  is actually a product of an effective public-private partnership more than solely government spending. Lee Iaccoca Jr., after being asked by President Reagan, raised a significant amount of private sector money in the 1980s to refurbish the statue, and Joseph Pulitzer ran the original campaign to get the original funding. But the federal government over the years has spent millions on the statue., and the National Parks Service runs it. Oh, and the statue itself was paid for originally by citizens, a lottery, and local governments in France.